* For NDA, the followings exclude the projects conducted at Microsoft.


Zero-power contact-less probing for Implantable medical devices.


Vibration-based secure side channel for medical devices.


Test platform for the technology QuickRecall that enables computation across power cycles in transiently powered computers.


Micro-scale energy harvesting from an idle sensor.


Co-processor-augmented transparent network monitoring platform.


Ultra-low-power implantable wireless system for long-term ambulatory urodynamics.

CLEO node

Hardware platform for the energy efficient GPS with cloud-offloading.

WWVB Receiver

WWVB receiver supporting a global time-sync for geo-distributed large-scale environmental sensing applications.


IEEE 1451-based universal wireless power meter.

KNX-ZigBee Gateway

KNX-ZigBee gateway for wireless-wired unified home network.

BACnet-ZigBee Gateway

BACnet-ZigBee gateway for wireless-wired unified building network.

ZigBee Power Meter

ZigBee wireless power meter that non-intrusively measures real-time power consumption of AC-powered devices.

KNX Lighting Switch

KNX protocol-based On/Off and dimming lighting control switch.

PROFIBUS Redundancy Switch

PROFIBUS redundancy switch that supports seamless transition between operational- and backup-masters for high availability and reliability.